04 Jan 2022 - New Year New Plan

 Happy New Year everyone! 

As explained previously, this year I want to continue to focus less on investing (i sux at it) and more on life. Hence, to make investing simple, I will be simply doing long-term covered calls at a high strike price. This will allow me to be able to hold onto the stocks and collect passive income. However, the downside is, of course, the passive income will be lower. 

The good thing about this is that I won't need to look at the stock market daily and don't have to worry about the price going up or down. Should the price surge then hit the strike price, then congratulation to me too as I will be making realized gain. If the price goes down, then I simply wait till the call option expires before selling another one. 

Does it mean I am not adding more fresh funds into investing? Hell No! Money is getting smaller day by day. Hence, I am 100% sure that I will deploy them into the stock market. Just that, I foresee my income will get lower this year as I am not planning to perform side gigs this year. My daily expenses and mortgage loan will need to be from my income. So I doubt I have that much to deploy as compared to past years. 

So to recap, this is simply, invest - small passive income - to enjoy life. 

Cheers :D 

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